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noun, Machinery.
a device for preventing leakage of gases or liquids along a moving rod or shaft at the point at which it leaves a cylinder, tank, ship hull, etc.
stuffing box
a small chamber in which an annular packing is compressed around a reciprocating or rotating rod or shaft to form a seal Also called packing box


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  • Stuffing-nut

    noun, Machinery. 1. a nut that serves to condense packing and so to tighten its seal. stuffing nut noun 1. a large nut that is tightened to compress the packing in a stuffing box

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    tool, file format (filename extension: .sit) A file archiving and compression utility, developed by Aladdin Systems, Inc.. Stuffit was originally developed for the Macintosh and is still the Mac standard tool for compression and archiving (compressing multiple files into one). Stuffit is now also available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. Compared to the standard Windows […]

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    Take back something, as in As for that memo of yours, you can just stuff it. This idiom is used, often as an interjection, to express contempt or defiance. Presumably it is short for “Stuff it up your ass.” [ ; 1950s ]

  • Stuff-shot

    noun, Basketball. 1. dunk shot.

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