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a political campaign speech, especially one made on a campaign tour.


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  • Stumpsucker

    noun 1. windsucker; cribber. 2. a shoot developing from a tree stump.

  • Stump up

    verb 1. (adverb) (Brit, informal) to give (the money required)

  • Stumpwork

    noun 1. a type of embroidery popular in the 17th century, consisting of intricate, colorful designs padded with horsehair to make them stand out in relief. noun 1. a type of embroidery of the 15th to 17th centuries featuring raised or embossed figures, padded with cotton wool or hair

  • Stumpy

    adjective, stumpier, stumpiest. 1. of the nature of or resembling a stump. 2. short and thick; stubby; stocky. 3. abounding in stumps: a stumpy field. adjective stumpier, stumpiest 1. short and thickset like a stump; stubby 2. abounding in or full of stumps

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