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Sturm and drang


lit., storm and stress; turmoil; also Sturm und Drang

After the sturm and drang of the last two years, it was time to make a drastic change.
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  • Sturmer

    noun 1. a variety of eating apple having a pale green skin and crisp tart flesh

  • Sturm-und-drang

    [shtoo rm oo nt drahng] /ˌʃtʊərm ʊnt ˈdrɑŋ/ noun 1. a style or movement of German literature of the latter half of the 18th century: characterized chiefly by impetuosity of manner, exaltation of individual sensibility and intuitive perception, opposition to established forms of society and thought, and extreme nationalism. 2. tumult; turmoil; upheaval. Sturm und […]

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    noun, Scot. 1. violent quarreling. noun 1. Charles. 1795–1869, English explorer, who led three expeditions (1828–29; 1829; 1844–45) into the Australian interior, discovering the Darling River (1828)

  • Stushie

    noun (Scot) 1. a commotion, rumpus, or row 2. a state of excitement or anxiety; a tizzy

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