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verb (used with object), stylized, stylizing.
to design in or cause to conform to a particular style, as of representation or treatment in art; conventionalize.
(transitive) to give a conventional or established stylistic form to


Read Also:

  • Stylo-

    1. a combining form representing style, or styloid, in the formation of compound words: stylography. 1. a combining form meaning “column,” “pillar,” “tube,” used in the formation of compound words: stylolite. combining form 1. (in biology) a style: stylopodium 2. indicating a column or point: stylobate, stylograph stylo- or styl- pref. Styloid; styloid process: stylohyal.

  • Stylobate

    noun, Architecture. (in a classical temple) 1. a course of masonry, part of the stereobate, forming the foundation for a colonnade, especially the outermost colonnade. noun 1. a continuous horizontal course of masonry that supports a colonnade

  • Styloglossus muscle

    styloglossus muscle sty·lo·glos·sus muscle (stī’lō-glô’səs) n. A muscle with origin from the lower end of the styloid process, with insertion into the side and undersurface of the tongue, with nerve supply from the hypoglossal nerve, and whose action retracts the tongue.

  • Stylograph

    noun 1. a fountain pen in which the writing point is a fine, hollow tube instead of a nib. noun 1. a fountain pen having a fine hollow tube as the writing point instead of a nib

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