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a type of battery-powered electronic instrument played with a steel-tipped penlike stylus


Read Also:

  • Stylopize

    verb 1. (transitive) (of a stylops) to parasitize (a host): the bee was stylopized

  • Stylopodium

    noun, plural stylopodia [stahy-luh-poh-dee-uh] /ˌstaɪ ləˈpoʊ di ə/ (Show IPA). Botany. 1. a glandular disk or expansion surmounting the ovary and supporting the styles in plants of the parsley family. noun (pl) -dia (-dɪə) 1. (botany) a swelling at the base of the style in umbelliferous plants

  • Stylops

    noun (pl) -lopes (-ləˌpiːz) 1. any insect of the order Strepsiptera, including the genus Stylops, living as a parasite in other insects, esp bees and wasps: the females remain in the body of the host but the males move between hosts

  • Stylostixis

    noun 1. (med) another name for acupuncture

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