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stype (stīp)
A tampon.


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  • Stypsis

    noun 1. the employment or application of styptics. noun 1. the action, application, or use of a styptic

  • Styptic

    adjective, Also, styptical 1. serving to contract organic tissue; astringent; binding. 2. serving to check hemorrhage or bleeding, as a drug; hemostatic. noun 3. a styptic agent or substance. adjective 1. contracting the blood vessels or tissues noun 2. a styptic drug styptic styp·tic (stĭp’tĭk) adj. Contracting the tissues or blood vessels; astringent. Tending to […]

  • Styptic-pencil

    noun 1. a pencil-shaped stick of a paste containing alum or a similar styptic agent, used to stanch the bleeding of minor cuts. styptic pencil noun 1. a styptic agent in the form of a small stick, for application to razor nicks, etc styptic pencil n. A short medicated stick, often of alum, applied to […]

  • Styr

    noun 1. a river in NW Ukraine, flowing N to the Pripet River. 300 miles (480 km) long.

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