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[swah-wi-ter in moh-doh, fohr-ti-ter in rey; English swav-i-ter in moh-doh, fawr-ti-ter in ree, fohr-, swah-vi-ter] /ˈswɑ wɪˌtɛr ɪn ˈmoʊ doʊ, ˈfoʊr tɪˌtɛr ɪn ˈreɪ; English ˈswæv ɪ tər ɪn ˈmoʊ doʊ, ˈfɔr tɪ tər ɪn ˈri, ˈfoʊr-, ˈswɑ vɪ tər/
gently in manner, firmly in action.


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    noun, plural suavities. 1. a suave or smoothly agreeable quality. 2. suavities, suave or courteous actions or manners; amenities.

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    noun 1. a submarine. 2. a substitute. 3. a submarine sandwich. See hero sandwich. 4. a subcontractor. 5. a sublieutenant. 6. a subordinate. 7. a subaltern. 8. British. an advance against one’s wages, especially one granted as a subsistence allowance. 9. Photography. a substratum. verb (used without object), subbed, subbing. 10. to act as a […]

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    subabdominal sub·ab·dom·i·nal (sŭb’āb-dŏm’ə-nəl) adj. Located or occurring below the abdomen.

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    noun, Chemistry. 1. a basic salt of acetic acid. noun 1. any one of certain crystalline basic acetates containing hydroxide ions in addition to acetate ions. For example, the subacetate of aluminium is probably Al3(OH)2(CH3COO)

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