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a constituent part; element; ingredient.
a part of a mechanical or electrical system:
hi-fi components.
Physics. the projection of a vector quantity, as force or velocity, along an axis.
Physical Chemistry. one of the set of the minimum number of chemical constituents by which every phase of a given system can be described.

a connected subset of a set, not contained in any other connected subset of the set.
a coordinate of a vector.


one of the major subdivisions of a generative grammar:
base component; transformational component; semantic component; phonological component.
Compare level (def 16).
a feature determined by componential analysis.

being or serving as an element (in something larger); composing; constituent:
the component parts of a computer system.
a constituent part or aspect of something more complex: a component of a car
Also called element. any electrical device, such as a resistor, that has distinct electrical characteristics and that may be connected to other electrical devices to form a circuit

one of a set of two or more vectors whose resultant is a given vector
the projection of this given vector onto a specified line

one of the minimum number of chemically distinct constituents necessary to describe fully the composition of each phase in a system See phase rule
forming or functioning as a part or aspect; constituent


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