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of or relating to underwater sport: subaqua swimming, a subaqua club


Read Also:

  • Subaquatic

    adjective 1. living or growing partly on land, partly in water. 2. under water. adjective 1. living or growing partly in water and partly on land 2. of or relating to conditions, existence, or activities under water

  • Subaqueous

    adjective 1. existing or situated under water; underwater. 2. occurring or performed under water. 3. used under water. adjective 1. occurring, appearing, formed, or used under water subaqueous (sŭb-ā’kwē-əs) Found or occurring underwater. Formed or adapted for underwater use or operation.

  • Subarachnoid

    [suhb-uh-rak-noid] /ˌsʌb əˈræk nɔɪd/ adjective, Anatomy. 1. of, relating to, or situated below the arachnoid membrane.

  • Subarachnoid-block

    noun 1. spinal block. spinal block noun 1. spinal anesthesia. 2. obstruction of the flow of spinal fluid by blockage of the spinal canal. spinal block n. Pathological obstruction of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal subarachnoid space. Spinal anesthesia. Not in technical use.

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