pertaining to or proceeding from the stars; stellar; star-shaped.
Biology. pertaining to, consisting of, or resembling an aster; having a discoid, radiate flower head.
Theosophy. noting a supersensible substance pervading all space and forming the substance of a second body (astral body) belonging to each individual. It accompanies the individual through life, is able to leave the human body at will, and survives the individual after death.
a rare word for terrestrial
relating to, proceeding from, consisting of, or resembling the stars: an astral body
(biology) of or relating to the aster occurring in dividing cells
(theosophy) denoting or relating to a supposed supersensible substance believed to form the material of a second body for each person, taking the form of an aura discernible to certain gifted individuals

astral as·tral (ās’trəl)

Of, relating to, emanating from, or resembling the stars.

Of, relating to, or shaped like the mitotic aster; having the shape of an astrosphere; star-shaped.

Relating to or coming from the stars; stellar.

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