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[suhb-dee-kuh-nit, -neyt] /sʌbˈdi kə nɪt, -ˌneɪt/


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  • Subdeb

    noun, Informal. 1. a subdebutante. 2. any girl in her teens. subdeb subdebutante

  • Subdebutante

    [suhb-deb-yoo-tahnt, -yuh-] /sʌbˈdɛb yʊˌtɑnt, -yə-/ noun 1. a young woman who has not yet made her debut into society.

  • Subdelegation

    noun 1. a group or body of delegates: Our club sent a delegation to the rally. 2. the body of delegates chosen to represent a political unit, as a state, in an assembly: the New Jersey delegation in Congress. 3. the act of delegating. 4. the state of being delegated. noun 1. a person or […]

  • Subdelirium

    noun, plural subdeliriums, subdeliria [suhb-di-leer-ee-uh] /ˌsʌb dɪˈlɪər i ə/ (Show IPA). Medicine/Medical. 1. a mild delirium with lucid intervals. noun (pl) -liriums, -liria (-ˈlɪrɪə) 1. mild or intermittent delirium

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