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noun, Botany.
a waxlike, fatty substance, occurring in cork cell walls and in or between other cells, that on alkaline hydrolysis yields chiefly suberic acid.
a fatty or waxy substance that is present in the walls of cork cells, making them impermeable to water and resistant to decay
A polyester composed of fatty acids and aromatic compounds that occurs naturally in the cell walls of cork tissue in plants. Suberin acts together with waxes to protect plant surfaces from water loss and microbial attack, and also helps to close tears and breaks.


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  • Suberization

    [soo-ber-uh-zey-shuh n] /ˌsu bər əˈzeɪ ʃən/ noun, Botany. 1. the impregnation of cell walls with suberin, causing the formation of cork.

  • Suberize

    verb (used with object), suberized, suberizing. Botany. 1. to convert into cork tissue. verb 1. (transitive) (botany) to impregnate (cell walls) with suberin during the formation of corky tissue

  • Suberose

    adjective 1. of the nature of cork; corklike; corky. adjective 1. (botany) relating to, resembling, or consisting of cork; corky

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