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Subgingival curettage

subgingival curettage sub·gin·gi·val curettage (sŭb-jĭn’jə-vəl, -jĭn-jī’-)
The removal of subgingival calculus or ulcerated epithelial and granulomatous tissues from periodontal pockets with a curette.


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  • Subgingival space

    subgingival space n. See gingival sulcus.

  • Subglacial

    adjective 1. beneath a glacier: a subglacial stream. 2. formerly beneath a glacier: a subglacial deposit. adjective 1. formed or occurring at the bottom of a glacier

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  • Subglossal

    adjective 1. of or relating to the tongue. subglossal sub·glos·sal (sŭb-glô’səl) adj. Below or beneath the tongue; hypoglossal. glossal glos·sal (glô’səl) adj. Of or relating to the tongue.

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