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pertaining to judgment in courts of justice or to the administration of justice:
judicial proceedings; the judicial system.
pertaining to courts of law or to judges; judiciary:
judicial functions.
of or relating to a judge; proper to the character of a judge; judgelike:
judicial gravity.
inclined to make or give judgments; critical; discriminating:
a judicial mind.
decreed, sanctioned, or enforced by a court:
a judicial decision.
giving or seeking judgment, as in a dispute or contest; determinative:
a judicial duel over lands.
inflicted by God as a judgment or punishment.
of or relating to the administration of justice
of or relating to judgment in a court of law or to a judge exercising this function
inclined to pass judgment; discriminating
allowed or enforced by a court of law: a decree of judicial separation
having qualities appropriate to a judge
giving or seeking judgment, esp determining or seeking determination of a contested issue


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