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  • Subjunction

    noun 1. an act of subjoining. 2. the state of being subjoined. 3. something subjoined.

  • Subjunctive

    adjective 1. (in English and certain other languages) noting or pertaining to a mood or mode of the verb that may be used for subjective, doubtful, hypothetical, or grammatically subordinate statements or questions, as the mood of be in if this be treason. Compare imperative (def 3), indicative (def 2). noun 2. the subjunctive mood […]

  • Subkingdom

    noun, Biology. 1. a category of related phyla within a kingdom. noun 1. (biology) a taxonomic group that is a subdivision of a kingdom subkingdom sub·king·dom (sŭb’kĭng’dəm) n. A taxonomic category constituting a major division of a kingdom. subkingdom (sŭb’kĭng’dəm) A subdivision of a kingdom of organisms. A subkingdom contains one or more phyla.

  • Sublanguage

    noun 1. a subvariety of language used in a particular field or by a particular social group and characterized especially by distinctive vocabulary. database, language One of the languages associated with a DBMS, for example a data-definition language or query language. (1999-10-18)

  • Sublapsarian

    [suhb-lap-sair-ee-uh-niz-uh m] /ˌsʌb læpˈsɛər i əˌnɪz əm/ noun, Theology. 1. infralapsarianism. sublapsarian /ˌsʌblæpˈsɛərɪən/ noun 1. another word for infralapsarianism

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