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a lease granted by one who is already a lessee of a property, as an apartment.
verb (used with object), subleased, subleasing.
to grant a sublease of.
to take or hold a sublease of.
noun (ˈsʌbˌliːs)
a lease of property made by a person who is himself a lessee or tenant of that property
verb (sʌbˈliːs)
to grant a sublease of (property); sublet
(transitive) to take, obtain, or hold by sublease


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    verb (used with object), sublet, subletting. 1. to sublease. 2. to let under a subcontract: to sublet work. noun 3. a sublease. 4. a property obtained by subleasing, as an apartment. verb (sʌbˈlɛt) -lets, -letting, -let 1. to grant a sublease of (property) 2. to let out (work, etc) under a subcontract noun (ˈsʌbˌlɛt) 3. […]

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