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Sublingual artery

sublingual artery n.
An artery with origin in the lingual artery, with distribution to the extrinsic muscles of the tongue, the sublingual gland, and the mucosa of the region, and with anastomoses to the artery of the opposite side and the submental artery.


Read Also:

  • Sublingual caruncle

    sublingual caruncle n. A papilla on each side of the frenulum of the tongue marking the opening of the submandibular duct.

  • Sublingual cyst

    sublingual cyst n. See ranula.

  • Sublingual duct

    sublingual duct n. Major sublingual duct. Minor sublingual duct.

  • Sublingual gland

    sublingual gland n. Either of two salivary glands situated in the mucus membrane on the floor of the mouth beneath the tongue. Also called Rivinus gland.

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