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Submandibular ganglion

submandibular ganglion n.
A small parasympathetic ganglion suspended from the lingual nerve, with its postganglionic branches going to the submandibular and sublingual glands and its preganglionic fibers coming from the salivary nucleus. Also called submaxillary ganglion.


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    [suhb-man-dib-yuh-ler] /ˌsʌb mænˈdɪb yə lər/ noun 1. either of a pair of salivary glands located one on each side of and beneath the lower jaw. submandibular gland n. Either of two major salivary glands situated in the neck near the lower edge of each side of the mandible and emptying into the submandibular duct. Also […]

  • Submandibular triangle

    submandibular triangle n. The triangle of the neck bounded by the mandible and the two bellies of the digastric muscle, containing the submandibular gland. Also called digastric triangle, gastric triangle, submaxillary triangle.

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