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noun, plural submatrices
[suhb-mey-tri-seez, -ma-tri-seez] /sʌbˈmeɪ trɪˌsiz, -ˈmæ trɪˌsiz/ (Show IPA), submatrixes. Mathematics.
a set of certain rows and columns of a given matrix.


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  • Submaxilla

    noun, plural submaxillae [suhb-mak-sil-ee] /ˌsʌb mækˈsɪl i/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. mandible. submaxilla sub·max·il·la (sŭb’māk-sĭl’ə) n. See mandible.

  • Submaxillaritis

    submaxillaritis sub·max·il·lar·i·tis (sŭb’māk-sĭl’ə-rī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the submandibular salivary gland, usually due to the mumps virus.

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    submaxillary duct n. See submandibular duct.

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