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Botany. growing under water.
verb (used with object), submersed, submersing.
to submerge.


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  • Submersible

    adjective 1. capable of being submersed. 2. capable of functioning while submersed: a submersible pump. noun 3. a ship capable of submerging and operating under water; submarine. 4. a device designed for underwater work or exploration, as a bathyscaphe or diving bell. adjective 1. able to be submerged 2. capable of operating under water, etc […]

  • Submersion

    verb (used with object), submersed, submersing. 1. to submerge.

  • Submetacentric

    submetacentric sub·met·a·cen·tric (sŭb’mět-ə-sěn’trĭk) adj. Having the centromere near the center but not in the middle, so that one arm is shorter than the other. Used of a chromosome.

  • Submetallic

    adjective 1. somewhat or imperfectly metallic.

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