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[suhb-min-ee-uh-chuh-rahyz, -min-uh-chuh-] /sʌbˈmɪn i ə tʃəˌraɪz, -ˈmɪn ə tʃə-/
verb (used with object), subminiaturized, subminiaturizing.
to design or manufacture (equipment, especially electronic equipment) of a greatly reduced scale.
(transitive) to make subminiature, as in the manufacture of electronic equipment, etc


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  • Subminimal

    adjective 1. constituting a minimum: a minimal mode of transportation. 2. barely adequate or the least possible: minimal care. adjective 1. of the least possible; minimum or smallest

  • Subminimum

    adjective 1. being below a minimum standard, rate, quota, etc.: a subminimum wage for teenagers. noun 2. something that is below a minimum standard or rate.

  • Subminimum-wage

    noun 1. See example at subminimum (def 1).

  • Submiss

    adjective, Archaic. 1. submissive. adjective (archaic or poetic) 1. docile; submissive 2. soft in tone

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