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a specimen from or a small part of a sample.
verb (used with object), subsampled, subsampling.
to take a subsample of.


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  • Subsatellite

    [suhb-sat-l-ahyt] /ˈsʌbˌsæt lˌaɪt/ noun 1. a satellite designed to be released into orbit from another spacecraft.

  • Subsaturated

    adjective 1. soaked, impregnated, or imbued thoroughly; charged thoroughly or completely; brought to a state of saturation. 2. (of colors) of maximum chroma or purity; of the highest intensity of hue; free from admixture of white. 3. Chemistry. (of a solution) containing the maximum amount of solute capable of being dissolved under given conditions. (of […]

  • Subsaturation

    noun 1. the act or process of saturating. 2. the state of being saturated. 3. Meteorology. a condition in the atmosphere corresponding to 100 percent relative humidity. 4. the degree of chroma or purity of a color; the degree of freedom from admixture with white. 5. Magnetism. the state of maximum magnetization of a ferromagnetic […]

  • Subsc

    1. subscription.

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