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occurring or coming later or after (often followed by to): subsequent events;
Subsequent to their arrival in Chicago, they bought a new car.
following in order or succession; succeeding:
a subsequent section in a treaty.
occurring after; succeeding


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  • Subsere

    noun, Ecology. 1. a secondary stage of ecological succession after a community is interfered with or destroyed by fire, flood, grazing, etc.; a secondary sere. noun 1. a secondary sere arising when the progress of a sere towards its climax has been interrupted

  • Subseries

    noun, plural series. 1. a group or a number of related or similar things, events, etc., arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order or succession; sequence. 2. a number of games, contests, or sporting events, with the same participants, considered as a unit: The two baseball clubs played a five-game series. 3. a […]

  • Subserous

    adjective 1. situated or occurring under a serous membrane. subserous sub·se·rous (sŭb-sēr’əs) adj. Located beneath a serous membrane.

  • Subserous plexus

    subserous plexus n. The subserous part of the enteric plexus of autonomic nerves.

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