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the state or fact of subsisting.
the state or fact of existing.
the providing of sustenance or support.
means of supporting life; a living or livelihood.
the source from which food and other items necessary to exist are obtained.

existence, especially of an independent entity.
the quality of having timeless or abstract existence.
mode of existence or that by which a substance is individualized.

the means by which one maintains life
the act or condition of subsisting
a thing that has real existence
the state of being inherent
(philosophy) an inferior mode of being ascribed to the references of general terms which do not in fact exist See also nonbeing


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  • Subsistence-allowance

    noun 1. money given in advance to a new soldier, employee, etc., to buy food, clothing, and pay for other necessities while awaiting a first pay. 2. money paid a worker in addition to salary to cover expenses that may be incurred in the performance of the job. 3. money paid to members of the […]

  • Subsistence-farming

    or subsistence agriculture noun 1. farming whose products are intended to provide for the basic needs of the farmer, with little surplus for marketing. 2. farming that brings little or no profit to the farmer, allowing only for a marginal livelihood. subsistence farming noun 1. a type of farming in which most of the produce […]

  • Subsistence wage

    noun 1. the lowest wage upon which a worker and his family can survive

  • Subsistent

    adjective 1. subsisting, existing, or continuing in existence. 2. inherent: subsistent qualities of character. noun 3. Philosophy. something that exists necessarily as opposed to contingent existence in space and time.

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