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one who operates a subsoil plow.
subsoil plow.


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  • Subsoil-plow

    noun 1. a plow for stirring the subsoil, usually without disturbing the surface.

  • Subsolar

    adjective 1. situated beneath the sun or between the earth and the sun. 2. between the tropics. adjective 1. (of a point on the earth) directly below the sun 2. situated between the tropics; equatorial

  • Subsong

    noun 1. an unstructured, often rambling vocalization of low volume heard in young birds and, at the start of the breeding season, in adult birds of certain species. noun 1. a subdued form of birdsong modified from the full territorial song and used by some birds esp in courtship

  • Subsonic

    adjective 1. noting or pertaining to a speed less than that of sound in air at the same height above sea level. 2. infrasonic. adjective 1. being, having, or travelling at a velocity below that of sound: a subsonic aircraft subsonic (sŭb-sŏn’ĭk) Having a speed less than that of sound in a designated medium, usually […]

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