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a substratum.
Biochemistry. the substance acted upon by an enzyme.
Electronics. a supporting material on which a circuit is formed or fabricated.
(biochem) the substance upon which an enzyme acts
another word for substratum
(electronics) the semiconductor base on which other material is deposited, esp in the construction of integrated circuits

substrate sub·strate (sŭb’strāt’)

The material or substance on which an enzyme acts.

A surface on which an organism grows or is attached.


The material or substance on which an enzyme acts. See more at enzyme.

The surface on or in which plants, algae, or certain animals, such as barnacles or clams, live or grow. A substrate may serve as a source of food for an organism or simply provide support.

The body or base layer of an integrated circuit, onto which other layers are deposited to form the circuit. The substrate is usually Silicon, though Sapphire is used for certain applications, particularly military, where radiation resistance is important. The substrate is originally part of the wafer from which the die is cut. It is used as the electrical ground for the circuit.


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