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the tenancy of a subtenant.


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  • Subterfuge

    noun 1. an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something, etc. noun 1. a stratagem employed to conceal something, evade an argument, etc

  • Subterminal

    adjective 1. situated at or forming the end or extremity of something: a terminal feature of a vista. 2. occurring at or forming the end of a series, succession, or the like; closing; concluding. 3. pertaining to or lasting for a term or definite period; occurring at fixed terms or in every term: terminal payments. […]

  • Subternatural

    /ˌsʌbtəˈnætʃərəl; -ˈnætʃrəl/ adjective 1. (rare) falling below what is accepted as natural; less than natural

  • Subterrain

    noun 1. a cave or subterranean room.

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