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[suhb-ther-uh-pyoo-tik] /ˌsʌb θɛr əˈpyu tɪk/
indicating a dosage, as of a drug or vitamin, less than the amount required for a therapeutic effect.


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  • Subthreshold

    [suhb-thresh-ohld, -thresh-hohld] /sʌbˈθrɛʃ oʊld, -ˈθrɛʃ hoʊld/ adjective, Psychology, Physiology. 1. (of a stimulus) too weak to produce a response.

  • Subthreshold stimulus

    subthreshold stimulus sub·thresh·old stimulus (sŭb-thrěsh’ōld’, -hōld’) n. See inadequate stimulus.

  • Subtile

    adjective, subtiler, subtilest. 1. subtle. adjective 1. a rare spelling of subtle

  • Subtilisin

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. a proteolytic enzyme produced by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, used as an active ingredient in detergents and also in research to help reveal protein structure.

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