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an act or instance of subtracting.
Mathematics. the operation or process of finding the difference between two numbers or quantities, denoted by a minus sign (−).
the act or process of subtracting
a mathematical operation in which the difference between two numbers or quantities is calculated. Usually indicated by the symbol (–)
The operation of finding the difference between two numbers or quantities.


Read Also:

  • Subtractive

    adjective 1. tending to subtract; having power to subtract. 2. Mathematics. (of a quantity) that is to be subtracted; having the minus sign (−). adjective 1. able or tending to remove or subtract 2. indicating or requiring subtraction; having a minus sign: –x is a subtractive quantity subtractive (səb-trāk’tĭv) Relating to the production of color […]

  • Subtractive-color

    noun, Photography. 1. cyan, yellow, or magenta, as used in the subtractive process of color photography.

  • Subtractive-process

    noun 1. a process of color photography in which the colors are formed by combination of cyan, yellow, and magenta lights. subtractive process noun 1. a photographic process in which all but the desired colours are removed by passing the illuminating light through subtractive filters Compare additive process

  • Subtrahend

    noun, Arithmetic. 1. a number that is subtracted from another. noun 1. the number to be subtracted from another number (the minuend) subtrahend (sŭb’trə-hěnd’) A number subtracted from another. For example, in the expression 4 – 3, 3 is the subtrahend.

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