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Subvocal speech

subvocal speech sub·vo·cal speech (sŭb-vō’kəl)
Slight movements of the speech muscles, related to thinking but producing no sound.


Read Also:

  • Sub-voce

    adverb, Latin. 1. (used as a direction to a reference) under the specified word.

  • Subvolution

    subvolution sub·vo·lu·tion (sŭb’və-lōō’shən) n. The surgical reversal of a flap of mucous membrane to prevent adhesion, as in the operation for pterygium.

  • Subsystem

    noun 1. a secondary or subordinate system.

  • Sub-surface

    adjective 1. below the surface, especially of a body of water. noun 1. the layer just below the surface of water, the earth, etc

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