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following in order or in uninterrupted sequence; consecutive:
three successive days.
following another in a regular sequence:
the second successive day.
characterized by or involving succession.
following another without interruption
of or involving succession: a successive process


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    noun 1. a person or thing that succeeds or follows. 2. a person who succeeds another in an office, position, or the like. noun 1. a person or thing that follows, esp a person who succeeds another in an office 2. (logic) the element related to a given element by a serial ordering, esp the […]

  • Success-story

    noun 1. an account of the achievement of success, fortune, or fame by someone or some enterprise.

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    noun, Chemistry. 1. a salt or ester of succinic acid. noun 1. any salt or ester of succinic acid succinate suc·ci·nate (sŭk’sə-nāt’) n. A salt or an ester of succinic acid. succinate (sŭk’sə-nāt’) A salt or ester of succinic acid.

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