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succinylcholine suc·ci·nyl·cho·line (sŭk’sə-nĭl-kō’lēn’)
A crystalline compound formed by esterification of succinic acid with choline and used medically to produce brief but complete muscular relaxation during surgical anesthesia.


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  • Succinylcholine-chloride

    [suhk-suh-nil-koh-leen, -kol-een, -suh-nl-] /ˈsʌk sə nɪlˈkoʊ lin, -ˈkɒl in, -sə nl-/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a crystalline compound, C 1 4 H 3 0 Cl 2 N 2 O 4 , used as a skeletal muscle relaxant in surgical procedures.

  • Succinylcoenzyme a

    succinylcoenzyme A suc·ci·nyl·co·en·zyme A (sŭk’sə-nĭl-kō-ěn’zīm’) n. The condensation product of succinic acid and coenzyme A that is one of the intermediates in the Krebs cycle. Also called succinyl-CoA.

  • Succise

    adjective 1. (botany) ending abruptly, as if cut off: succise roots

  • Succor

    noun 1. help; relief; aid; assistance. 2. a person or thing that gives help, relief, aid, etc. verb (used with object) 3. to help or relieve.

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