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noun, Slang.
an enticement calculated to lure a person into a scheme in which he or she may be victimized.
suck eggs


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  • Suckered

    noun 1. a person or thing that sucks. 2. Informal. a person easily cheated, deceived, or imposed upon. 3. an infant or a young animal that is suckled, especially a suckling pig. 4. a part or organ of an animal adapted for sucking nourishment, or for adhering to an object as by suction. 5. any […]

  • Suckerfish

    noun, plural suckerfishes (especially collectively) suckerfish. 1. remora. noun (pl) -fish, -fishes 1. other names for remora

  • Sucker-list

    noun, Informal. 1. a list of names and addresses of persons considered by a business, charity organization, etc., to be likely purchasers or donors. sucker bait A list of names of likely prospects for making purchases or donations, as in Some charities raise money by selling their sucker lists to other organizations. This term uses […]

  • Suckerpunch

    [suhk-er-puhnch] /ˈsʌk ərˌpʌntʃ/ verb (used with object), Slang. 1. to strike (someone) with an unexpected blow. sucker for

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