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a pump for raising water or other fluids by suction, consisting essentially of a vertical cylinder in which a piston works up and down, both the cylinder and the pump having valves that control the flow of the fluid.
suction pump
a pump for raising water or other fluid by suction. It usually consists of a cylinder containing a piston fitted with a flap valve


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  • Suction-stop

    noun, Phonetics. 1. click1 (def 3). suction stop noun 1. (phonetics) another word for click (sense 3)

  • Suction valve

    noun 1. a nonreturn valve in a pump suction to prevent the pump draining or depriming when not in service Also called foot valve

  • Suctorial

    adjective 1. adapted for sucking or suction, as an organ; functioning as a sucker for imbibing or adhering. 2. having sucking organs; imbibing or adhering by suckers. 3. pertaining to or characterized by suction. adjective 1. specialized for sucking or adhering: the suctorial mouthparts of certain insects 2. relating to or possessing suckers or suction […]

  • Suctorian

    noun 1. a suctorial animal. 2. a protozoan of the class or order Suctoria, which live, as adults, attached by a stalk to the substrate and feed by means of long, suctorial tentacles. adjective 3. belonging or pertaining to the Suctoria.

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