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Sufficient condition

sufficient condition definition

In mathematics, a condition that must be satisfied for a statement to be true and without which the statement cannot be true. For example, although no one can run for president of the United States unless he or she is thirty-five or older, simply being thirty-five is not a sufficient condition to be president. (Compare necessary condition.)


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  • Sufficiently

    adjective 1. adequate for the purpose; enough: sufficient proof; sufficient protection. 2. Logic. (of a condition) such that its existence leads to the occurrence of a given event or the existence of a given thing. Compare necessary (def 4c). 3. Archaic. competent. adjective 1. enough to meet a need or purpose; adequate 2. (logic) (of […]

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    suitably small

  • Sufficient reason

    noun (philosophy) 1. the principle that nothing happens by pure chance, but that an explanation must always be available 2. the view that such an explanation is a reason for God to have chosen one alternative rather than another

  • Sufficing

    verb (used without object), sufficed, sufficing. 1. to be enough or adequate, as for needs, purposes, etc. verb (used with object), sufficed, sufficing. 2. to be enough or adequate for; satisfy. verb 1. to be adequate or satisfactory for (something) 2. (takes a clause as object) suffice it to say that, let us say no […]

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