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Sugar the pill

Make something unpleasant more palatable, as in There would be no Christmas bonus this year but management sugared the pill by giving workers extra vacation time over the holidays. [ Late 1700s ]


Read Also:

  • Sugar-tit

    noun 1. a piece of cloth containing moist sugar, wrapped to resemble a nipple and used to pacify an infant.

  • Sugar-tongs

    noun, (usually used with a plural verb) 1. small tongs used for serving cubed sugar. noun See sugar nippers

  • Sugar-tree

    noun, Chiefly South Midland U.S. 1. a sugar maple.

  • Sugary

    adjective 1. of, containing, or resembling sugar. 2. sweet; excessively sweet. 3. honeyed; cloying; deceitfully agreeable: sugary words of greeting. adjective 1. of, like, or containing sugar 2. containing too much sugar; excessively sweet 3. deceptively pleasant; insincere

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