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any of various honeycreepers that feed on nectar.


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  • Sugar-bowl

    noun 1. a small bowl, usually having a cover, for serving granulated sugar or sugar cubes.

  • Sugarbush

    noun 1. an evergreen shrub, Rhus ovata, of the cashew family, native to the desert regions of the southwestern U.S., having light yellow flowers in short, dense spikes and hairy, dark-red fruit. 2. an orchard or grove of sugar maples.

  • Sugar-camp

    noun, Chiefly North Midland U.S., especially Indiana and Ohio. 1. a grove of sugar maples.

  • Sugar-candy

    adjective 1. excessively sweet; saccharine: sugar-candy stories in family magazines. 2. pertaining to or characteristic of someone or something that is pleasing. noun 1. a confection made by boiling pure sugar until it hardens. 2. a person or thing that is pleasing. noun 1. Also called rock candy. large crystals of sugar formed by suspending […]

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