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suggillation sug·gil·la·tion (sŭg’jə-lā’shən, sŭj’ə-)

A black-and-blue mark.

See livedo.


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  • Sugh

    noun, verb (used with object), Scot. 1. sough2 .

  • Sughed

    noun, verb (used with object), Scot. 1. sough2 .

  • Sugi

    noun, plural sugi, sugis. 1. Japan cedar.

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    noun 1. 1921–2008, Indonesian army officer and political leader: president 1967–98. noun 1. T. N. J. 1921–2008, Indonesian general and statesman; president (1968–98) Suharto [(suh-hahr-toh)] A soldier and statesman in Indonesia in the twentieth century. An abortive coup by communists in 1965 led to the gradual devolution of power from Sukarno to the army, with […]

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