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the study of the causes and prevention of suicide.


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  • Suif

    Stanford University Intermediate Format. A register-oriented intermediate language. (1994-12-01)

  • Sui-generis

    adjective, Latin. 1. of his, her, its, or their own kind; unique. adjective 1. unique sui generis [(sooh-ee, sooh-eye jen-uh-ris)] A person or thing that is unique, in a class by itself: “She is an original artist; each of her paintings is sui generis.” From Latin, meaning “of its own kind.”

  • Sui-juris

    adjective, Law. 1. capable of managing one’s affairs or assuming legal responsibility. adjective 1. (usually postpositive) (law) of full age and not under disability; legally competent to manage one’s own affairs; independent

  • Suimate

    noun, Chess. 1. self-mate.

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