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noun, Veterinary Medicine.
a yellowish-brown mixture consisting mainly of potassium polysulfides and potassium thiosulfate, used in treating mange.


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  • Sulfuration

    verb (used with object), sulfurated, sulfurating. 1. to combine, treat, or impregnate with sulfur, the fumes of burning sulfur, etc.

  • Sulfur-bacteria

    plural noun 1. several species of bacteria, especially of the genera Beggiatoa and Thiobacillus, that have the ability to utilize sulfur or inorganic sulfur compounds as an energy source.

  • Sulfur-bottom

    [suhl-fer-bot-uh m] /ˈsʌl fərˌbɒt əm/ noun 1. blue whale.

  • Sulfur-butterfly

    noun 1. any of various yellow or orange butterflies of the family Pieridae.

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