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noun, Chemistry.
ether (def 1).

sulfuric ether n.
See diethyl ether.


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  • Sulfurize

    verb (used with object), sulfurized, sulfurizing. 1. to combine, treat, or impregnate with sulfur. 2. to fumigate with sulfur dioxide.

  • Sulfurous

    adjective 1. of, relating to, or containing sulfur, especially in the tetravalent state. 2. of the yellow color of sulfur. 3. sulphurous (defs 2, 3). sulfurous sul·fur·ous (sŭl’fər-əs, -fyər-, sŭl-fyur’əs) adj. Of, relating to, derived from, or containing sulfur, especially with valence 4. Characteristic of or emanating from burning sulfur. sulfurous (sŭl’fər-əs, sŭl-fyr’əs) Containing sulfur, […]

  • Sulfurous-acid

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless liquid, H 2 SO 3 , having a suffocating odor, obtained by dissolving sulfur dioxide in water, known mainly by its salts, which are sulfites: used chiefly in organic synthesis and as a bleach. sulfurous acid A colorless solution of sulfur dioxide in water, characterized by a suffocating sulfurous odor. […]

  • Sulfur-polypore

    noun 1. chicken mushroom. chicken mushroom noun 1. an edible yellow-to-orange bracket fungus, Laetiporus sulphureus, common on tree trunks, in which it causes wood decay.

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