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sulpho- pref.
Variant of sulfo-.


Read Also:

  • Sulphonamide

    /sʌlˈfɒnəˌmaɪd/ noun 1. any of a class of organic compounds that are amides of sulphonic acids containing the group –SO2NH2 or a group derived from this. An important class of sulphonamides are the sulfa drugs

  • Sulfatidate

    sulfatidate sul·fa·ti·date (sŭl’fə-tī’dāt’) or sul·fa·tide (sŭl’fə-tīd’) n. Any of the cerebroside sulfuric esters containing sulfate groups in the sugar portion of the molecule.

  • Sulfathiazole

    [suhl-fuh-thahy-uh-zohl] /ˌsʌl fəˈθaɪ əˌzoʊl/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a sulfanilamide derivative, C 9 H 9 N 3 O 2 S 2 , formerly used in the treatment of pneumonia and staphylococcal infections, but now largely replaced because of its toxicity. sulfathiazole /ˌsʌlfəˈθaɪəˌzəʊl/ noun 1. an antimicrobial sulfa drug used in veterinary medicine and formerly in clinical […]

  • Sulfate-pulp

    noun 1. wood pulp made by the sulfate process.

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