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the act or process of summing.
the result of this; an aggregate or total.
a review or recapitulation of previously stated facts or statements, often with a final conclusion or conclusions drawn from them.
Law. the final arguments of opposing attorneys before a case goes to the jury.
Physiology. the arousal of impulses by a rapid succession of stimuli, carried either by separate sensory neurons (spatial summation) or by the same sensory neuron (temporal summation)
the act or process of determining a sum; addition
the result of such an act or process
a summary
(US, law) the concluding statements made by opposing counsel in a case before a court

summation sum·ma·tion (sə-mā’shən)
The process by which multiple or repeated stimuli can produce a response in a nerve, muscle, or other part that one stimulus alone cannot produce.


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  • Summation gallop

    summation gallop n. A gallop characterized by the superimposition of abnormal third and fourth heart sounds, usually indicative of myocardial disease.

  • Summation-method

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a method for associating a sum with a divergent series.

  • Summative

    adjective 1. additive.

  • Summative assessment

    /ˈsʌmətɪv/ noun 1. (Brit, education) general assessment of a pupil’s achievements over a range of subjects by means of a combined appraisal of formative assessments

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