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verb (used with object), summerized, summerizing.
to prepare (a house, car, etc.) so as to counteract the hot weather of summer:
to summerize a house by adding air conditioning.
to protect in hot weather for future use:
to summerize a snowmobile.


Read Also:

  • Summer-kitchen

    noun 1. an extra kitchen, usually detached from a house, for use in warm weather.

  • Summerlike

    adjective 1. like or characteristic of summer; summery: a spell of summerlike showers.

  • Summerly

    adjective 1. summerlike; summery.

  • Sulphonium compound

    /sʌlˈfəʊnɪəm/ noun 1. any one of a class of salts derived by the addition of a proton to the sulphur atom of a thiol or thio-ether thus producing a positive ion (sulphonium ion)

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