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a substance that provides a high degree of protection against sunburn, often preventing most tanning as well as burning, as by obstructing the penetration of ultraviolet rays.
a lotion, cream, etc., containing such a substance.


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  • Sunbonnet

    noun 1. a bonnet with a large brim shading the face and sometimes a piece projecting over the neck, worn by women and children. noun 1. a hat that shades the face and neck from the sun, esp one made of cotton with a projecting brim now worn esp by babies

  • Sunbow

    noun 1. a bow or arc of prismatic colors like a rainbow, appearing in the spray of cataracts, waterfalls, fountains, etc. noun 1. a bow of prismatic colours similar to a rainbow, produced when sunlight shines through spray sunbow (sŭn’bō’) A prismatic arc of colors, similar to a rainbow, resulting from the refraction of sunlight […]

  • Sunbreak

    noun 1. a projection from the side of a building for intercepting part of the sunlight falling upon the adjacent surface.

  • Sunburn

    noun 1. inflammation of the skin caused by overexposure to the sun or a sunlamp. verb (used with or without object), sunburned or sunburnt, sunburning. 2. to affect or be affected with sunburn: An hour in the sun sunburned me severely. I sunburn easily. noun 1. inflammation of the skin caused by overexposure to the […]

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