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a burst of sunlight; a sudden shining of the sun through rifted clouds.
a firework, piece of jewelry, ornament, or the like, resembling the sun with rays issuing in all directions.
Sewing. sewn or made to resemble a sunburst; having the rays or lines of design flared from a central point:
sunburst pleats; sunburst tucks.
a burst of sunshine, as through a break in the clouds
a pattern or design resembling that of the sun
a jewelled brooch with this pattern


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    noun 1. a city in E central Pennsylvania.

  • Sunbury-on-thames

    /ˈsʌnbərɪ; -brɪ/ noun 1. a town in SE England, in N Surrey. Pop: 27 415 (2001)

  • Suncatcher

    noun a decorative piece of glass, mineral, or other see-through material that is hung in a window to bring in and disperse the sun’s rays on the walls of a room

  • Sun cream

    noun 1. a chemical, usually in the form of a cream, applied to exposed skin to block out all or almost all of the ultraviolet rays of the sun

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