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Sunny-side up

[suhn-ee-sahyd] /ˈsʌn iˌsaɪd/
(of an egg) fried without breaking the yolk or being turned over, with the yolk remaining visible and somewhat liquid inside.


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  • Sunnyvale

    noun 1. a city in central California, south of San Francisco.

  • Sunos

    operating system Sun Microsystems’ version of Unix for Sun workstations. SunOS is similar to BSD Unix with some SVR4 features and OpenWindows 3.0. After version 4, SunOS was integrated into Sun’s Solaris “operating environment”. (1999-03-26)

  • Sun-pan

    noun, Ceramics. 1. a vat for drying slip, sometimes artificially heated.

  • Sun-parlor

    noun 1. a porch or room with many windows exposed to sunshine; sun porch; solarium.

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