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superior court
Supreme Court


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  • Supe

    noun, Theater Informal. 1. a supernumerary.

  • Super

    noun 1. Informal. a superintendent, especially of an apartment house. supermarket. supernumerary. supervisor. 2. an article of a superior quality, grade, size, etc. 3. (in beekeeping) the portion of a hive in which honey is stored. 4. Printing. supercalendered paper. 5. Television. an additional image superimposed on the original video image: A super of the […]

  • Super 7

    hardware, standard An upgrade to Socket 7 to support AGP and a 100 MHz system bus,, supported by non-Intel processor and motherboard manufacturers such as AMD and Cyrix. Due to faster access to L2 cache and memory, Super 7 gives a 10% performance boost over Socket 7 motherboards for the same processor. Super 7 motherboards […]

  • Superable

    adjective 1. capable of being overcome; surmountable. adjective 1. able to be surmounted or overcome

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