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Super soap


See supersoap


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  • Supersonic

    adjective 1. greater than the speed of sound waves through air. 2. capable of achieving such speed: a supersonic plane. 3. ultrasonic. adjective 1. being, having, or capable of reaching a speed in excess of the speed of sound: supersonic aircraft supersonic su·per·son·ic (sōō’pər-sŏn’ĭk) adj. Having, caused by, or relating to a speed greater than […]

  • Supersonics

    noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. the branch of science that deals with supersonic phenomena. noun (functioning as sing) 1. the study of supersonic motion 2. a less common name for ultrasonics

  • Supersonic-transport

    noun 1. a commercial jet airplane that can fly faster than the speed of sound. Abbreviation: SST.

  • Super source quench

    A special packet designed to shut up an Internet host. The Internet Protocol (IP) has a control message called Source Quench that asks a host to transmit more slowly on a particular connection to avoid congestion. It also has a Redirect control message intended to instruct a host to send certain packets to a different […]

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