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noun, Entomology Now Rare.
super (def 3).


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  • Superhuman

    adjective 1. above or beyond what is human; having a higher nature or greater powers than humans have: a superhuman being. 2. exceeding ordinary human power, achievement, experience, etc.: a superhuman effort. adjective 1. having powers above and beyond those of mankind 2. exceeding normal human ability or experience

  • Superhumeral

    /ˌsuːpəˈhjuːmərəl/ noun 1. an ecclesiastical vestment worn over the shoulders

  • Superi

    plural noun 1. (in ancient Rome) the gods.

  • Superimposable

    verb (used with object), superimposed, superimposing. 1. to impose, place, or set over, above, or on something else. 2. to put or join as an addition (usually followed by on or upon). 3. Movies, Television. to print (an image) over another image so that both are seen at once: The credits were superimposed over the […]

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